Friday, December 25, 2009


Time to go...

My classmate

Hello my name is Mizah. I’m here to tell you my memories in room 1.

I like water slide and sleep over at school but not the sleeping part because I was crying…. So sad.

Bye mum and dad... see you tomorrow

Girls were in room 3 and boys room 2. Before we slept, we watch a movie: The Smurf. Next day we had our breakfast and after that we played clue, water slide and holding rope.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thames Park

Pemandangan di Thames Park
Pukul 10.38 pagi kami bertolak dari Albany ke Coromandel, Hamilton (perjalanan mengambil masa 2 jam). Mizah rasa seronok sangat sebab sudah lama tak berjalan jauh. Pagi-pagi lagi Mizah dan adik-adik sudah bangun kerana tak sabar-sabar untuk berjalan sempena cuti sekolah ini.
Inilah hobi Mizah, panjat pokok
Di sini pun ada museum, tapi kami tak sempat nak pergi
Mizah dan adik-adik

Mizah dan adik-adik hanya tidur sahaja sepanjang perjalanan. Cuaca pada hari itu sangat elok, walaupun pada paginya sedikit renyai. Kami singgah berhenti solat dan makan di Thames Park. Mizah dan kawan-kawan bermain playground, kemudian kami ternampak ada orang menaiki small train. Mizah pun memujuk abah untuk menaiki train tersebut dan kami dikenakan bayaran $2 per head untuk untuk board that train.
Seronok sangat
Kami sedang beratur untuk naik train itu
Nampak macam besar, tapi sebenarnya kecil sahaja
Di sini banyak pokok ni, dari jauh nampak macam buah rambutan.
Mula-mula Mizah takut juga sebab train itu sangat kecil, tapi lama kelamaan Mizah rasa seronok sangat, macam nak naik lagi. Selepas naik train itu, kami makan di bawah sebatang pokok. Cuaca nampak panas, tapi sebenarnya sangat sejuk bila angin bertiup.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I still remembered that moments, we played and had a good time together. Although the weather quite hot there but we still enjoyed played our kite with Cik Aisyah. I missed her so much.

This picture was at Taman Teruntum Kuantan. It was a regular park we went during the weekend. It just a small mini zoo, but because it was free so almost every weekend we went there. But we need to pay if we want to ride this horse. I was very nervous, but then I enjoyed it.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Swimming Part 1

My family and I went to LONG BAY . I went to long bay because I want to swim. While I swim I just hurt knee. After that I said"mum it's really cold". Tomorrow I will go again....

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanks Ya Allah

Yesterday I got my reward from school sempena prize giving end of the year. I was very happy. My prize giving was held at Rangitoto College. My family also came to give a support to me.

Only three of my classmate got the certificate, one for Achievement Award, one for Citizenship Award and I got in Effort Award. I'm so proud.

Thanks to my teacher Ms. Fluery cause give me this opportunity, and also thanks to my family cause your everlasting support to me and my sisters. I love you all.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Legend Of Mahsuri

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wet World, Batu Pahat

I miss my relatives, my cousin  so much . I still remember we went to holiday di Wet World Batu Pahat with my cousion kak Nisa. We went there a week before kami terbang ke New Zealand. We rent buoy and my mum brought bread to eat.

We played water, and so enjoyed. On the way back, we felt so tired. I still remember abah bought fresh crab and kerang.

When I saw this picture, I felt like I was in Malaysia. 

Rindu sangat nak bermain air macam dalam gambar ni. 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

During My Leisure Time

Almost every evening, my sisters and I go to the park in front of our apartment and play together. Although the weather is quite cool but we still want to play because we love to run in the field and have a fun.

During weekend, my family and I always go to the Long Bay beach and have a picnic together. We always go with my father's friends. I enjoyed to play together with my friends. I hope I can go there again and play the playground again.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Reward

My certificate

I got a gold certificate and my dad gave me a strawberry plant as a reward. Azi also got a certificate and a strawberry plant. I love my plant very much and thank you dad for a lovely present. I promise to study hard.
My sister and her shield

My precious plant
Yummy...yummy, that strawberries look nice

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Last weekend, I and my family went to Shakespear. We went there with another families, they were Uncle Adnan, Uncle Zakhir and Uncle Shukur family.

I got some pictures of shakespear:

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