Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Classmate

behind from left:
Mizah,Courtney,Sam,Peter,Kevin,Julia,Sarah,Portia,(teacher Mrs. Flury)

in front left :

another teacher Mrs. Frayer

another line:

Term 3 2009

In year 3 we are working on 'connections'.

We are looking at the connections within Antarctic animals. We'll be looking at food chain and life cycles. We will be working with a buddy to answer a key question. Some of us will be presenting this in a keynote presentation.

Mathematics - Statistics - Addition & Subtraction -Multiplication & Division.

Keep working on those basic facts.

Book week is week 5. Start thinking about your outfit for the character parade. Think about your favourite book. Bring it in to share with the class.


What a fantastic day we had at Rothesay Bay!

An enormous Pinehill thank you to all of the parents that gave up their time to come and help us.

The highlight of the day for most of the children was getting in the water and having a swim. It was great to see the confidence your children have in the water.

Things To Remember

* Bookbags to school everyday

* Hats worn at school everyday

* Newsletter returns on Thursday

* Practise your basic facts adding up to 20.

Can you beat Mum or Dad?


Asmida said...

wah.... your school is very good lah kakak mizah and azie......

mizahazianis said...


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